Let me introduce myself 
I'm Jed Demlow owner of Jsdtunes a Nashville based singer songwriter production studio. I've been writing, playing, producing and mixing music since 1990. I have a passion for helping songwriters and musicians turn their musical ideas and dreams into reality. I take the artists initial work tape or lyric sheet/chord chart and help them turn that into a completed professional mastered recording. Of course I don't do this all on my own. I am blessed to work with many incredible musicians in the Nashville area who add their amazing talent to my productions, taking them to the highest level. One of the main acts I produce here in Nashville is Steel Ivory

 How do we get started? 
First you send me your song. This can be as simple as a lyric sheet and a voice recording that you did on your phone or more structured like a recording of you playing an instrument and singing. After I take a listen we'll talk about your vision of how the completed song should sound. Skype works great for this process or we can communicate via email. We'll go over the lyrics, chord progression and melody making sure everything fits together perfectly. Then I go to work on your masterpiece! After we get all the music tracks cut the song will be ready to add vocals. Some clients are great singers and will cut their own vocal tracks here in my studio. Some songwriters would prefer to have a seasoned Nashville studio vocalist sing there song for them. I'll do the mix and mastering and your song is ready for you to present to the world via iTunes* or any distribution you choose. You get the final mastered Wave file and Mp3 file so you are ready to go. It's important to note that you retain 100% of all rights to your song including everything that we create for you.


How much does this cost?  Click links for details:

BUDGET DEMO:  $200.00






* You can add an additional instrument to any package such as Fiddle, Mandolin, Pedal steel etc for $100 per instrument.