What is the Jsdtunes difference?

 - One of the biggest differences is the amount of time that I spend on every song. I take on one project at a time making sure it is the best it can be. This includes taking extra pre production time with the artist to make sure the structure and chord progression of the song works and flows with the lyrics and we have a clear picture of the concept and feel of the song. We'll talk about specific instrumentation and sounds. The greatest amount of time on each song will be spent up front with the songwriter/artist on this critical phase. 

 - Having access to local Nashville musicians makes a BIG difference in the overall sound and quality of your project. 

 - I am blessed to have state of the art gear in my private home based studio where we can cut instruments or vocals in a relaxed  atmosphere.

 - Easy Skype communication with out of town clients.

 - In house mastering is included on every project so your song has the proper loudness and sheen we hear today on the Radio, Spotify, iTunes etc.